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Bang, J.Computer conferencing in distance education
Barber, JaneBringing computer training to rural areas1990
Barnes, AlanQuality and Computers in Teaching and Learning1993
Barnes, Richard W.Developing an Alternative Mode of Delivery for the B.A. Hospitality Management at the Robert Gordon University1995
Bartels, JörnStudienabbruch nach dem ersten Studienjahr an der Fernuniversität1979
Bateman, DavidHypertext in the Classroom1995
Bates, Anthony W.The effects of microprocessor and telecommunications technology on the Open University`s teaching and administrative systems1981
Bates, Anthony W.Computer Assisted Learning or Communications1986
Bates, Anthony W.Applications of New Technologies (including Computers) in Distance Education1993
Bates, TonyComputer Assisted Learning or Communications1986
Baumgardt, JacquelineAn investigation into computer-aided education, and its relevance to distance education within the South African context1990
Baumgartner, Peter"Institut für Lernen mit interaktiven Medien"1993
Bååth, John A.Towards computer assisted correspondence instruction1974
Bååth, John A.CADE - a system for computer-assisted distance education1977
Bååth, John A.Our Computer Corrects Student Papers and Writes Individual Personal Letters to each Student1978
Bååth, John A.Experimental Research on Computer-assisted Distance Education1982
Becker, Henry JayDecision making about computer acquisition and use in american schools1993
Beishuisen, J. J.Technology-enriched schools1993
Benko, A.Tutoring support through a computerised media in distance education1995
Berge, Zane L.Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom in Distance Learning1995

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