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Brummelhuis, Alfons tenLessons from dutch projects for the introduction of computers in schools1993
Buder, JürgenReport on the Workshop on Cognition and Computer Conferencing at the DIFF Tübingen, 11-13 October, 19951995
Bulkeley , William W. Video Devices Become Smarter withe Assistance of Computers1980
Burge, Elizabeth JStudents' perceptions of learning in computer conferencing1993
Burge, Elizabeth J[une]Learning in Computer Conferenced Contexts1994
Burt, GordonComputers in Schools as Culture and Ideology1989
Cabanatan, P.Computer conferencing in SEAMO INNOTECH`S training programs1995
CALICO JournalCALICO Computer Use Survey1989
Caputo, Anna MariaThe IRIS Study: measures to introduce computer education in schools1991
Carell, AngelaSelbststeuerung und Partizipation beim computergestützten kollaborativen Lernen2006
Carev-Maruna, TatjanaAn Experimental Programme for Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI). An attempt at practical verification of theoretical assumptions - an example of a pro1983
Castro, Angela S.The Use of Austpac at Deakin University for Distance Education1986
Castro, Angela S.Teaching and Learning as Communication: the Potentials and Current Applications of Computer Mediated Communication Systems for Higher Distance Education1987
CBT Verlag (Hrsg.)CTB-Atlas 1988/891988
Cecconi, LucianoComputer networks per l`istruzione e la formazione1991
Chacón, Fabio J.A taxonomy of computer media in distance education1991
Chacón, Fabio J.A Taxonomy of Computer Media in Distance Education1992
Chacón, Fabio J.a Taxonomy of Computer Media in Distance Education1992
Cheng, Hui-ChuanComparison of Performance and Attitude in Traditional and Computer Conferencing Classes1991
Cheng, Hui-ChuanWhat Do We Know About Asynchronous Group Computer-Based Distance Learning?1991

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