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Clayton, DebbieComputers in the instructional process in distance education - Examining relationships between usage, expectations and software acquisition1989
Cohen, RachelThe use of voice synthesizer in the discovery of the written language by young children1993
Collins, Robert L.Focus on Results with Computer-Based Distance Instruction1993
Conners, S.E.Computer technology courses via the internet. Distance learning internet course implementation assessments1997
Coombs, NormanInteractivity in Distance Education1990
Cooper, AldwynThe Need, Provision and Use of a Computer Assisted Interactive Tutorial System1981
Cornelia GräselIch sag Dir was, was Du schon weißt1979
Cox, Margaret J.Technology enriched school project1993
Craig, DavidDevelopment of a Distance Learning Course for Library Staff in Mauritius1995
Curran, Chris[topher]The use of computer-based systems in the resource management of a developing national distance education programme1992
Curtis, David D.Supporting Computer-mediated Communication1995
Cuskelly, EveComputer Mediated Communication1995
Cutress, NigelNew developments in the counselling of students with disabilities1988
Daniels, JudithTeaching Packages1992
Darby, JonathanComputer literacy or computers in teaching1991
Darby, JonathanThe Computers in Teaching Initiative at CAL 911991
Davie, L.Facilitation techniques for the on-line tutor1989
Davie, Lynn E.Faciliating Adult Learning Through Computer-Mediated Distance Education1988
Davie, Lynn E.Empowering the Learner Through Computer-Mediated Communication1991

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