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Loss-Cutler, KenComputer-Mediated Communication and Homeschooling1995
Lubbe, J. DewaldThe Application of Computer Technology in Offering Equal Education Opportunities to Students from First- and Thirdworld Environments1987
MacConnell, DavidImplementing computer supported cooperative learning2000
MacDonald, S.The Development of an Interactive Multimedia Application to Support Open Learning Engineering Students1995
Machado, LeopoldoSEAC-UNA1990
Mahajan, Ravi K.Computers1993
Majer, KennethConfess: A Humanistic, Diagnostic-Prescriptive Computer Program to Decrease Person-to-Person Interaction Time During Confession1974
Mandl, HeinzFörderung kognitiver Fähigkeiten und des Wissenserwerbs durch computerunterstütztes Lernen1985
Mandl, HeinzComputer-Based Systems for Open Learning1990
Mandl, HeinzKnowledge acquisition with texts by means of flexible computer-assisted information acces1991
Mandl, HeinzPart II: Computer-Based Systems for Open Learning1992
Marsh, Paul W.The Microcomputer Goes to School1978
Martina, SchenkInformation and computer literacy - a comparative analysis on educational level in the United States of America and Germany2009
Martinengo, G.D.Using the microcomputer as a teaching tool for handicapped children with learning disabilities in Italian1985
Mason, RobinComputer Conferencing1988
Mason, RobinComputer conferencing and the university community1988
Mason, RobinConferencing for Mass Distance Education1990
Mason, RobinRefining the Use of Computer Conferencing in Distance Education1990
Mason, RobinComputer Conferencing1992
Mayrberger, KerstinVerändertes Lernen mit neuen Medien?2007

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