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Månsson, Nils-OveHermods Computer-assisted Home Study System1977
McAuley, AlexanderOut On the Virtual Frontier1995
McCartan, AudreyFifth World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE90)1991
McDonald, JeanetteInterpersonal Relations and Group Development in Computer Conferencing1996
McDonell, Donald J.Integration of a Computer-based Graphics Package for the Distance Education Network at the University of Ottawa1990
McGill, TanyaStudying computer programmingexternally: Who succeds?1997
McInerney, ClaireCMC in Distance Education at the College of St. Catherine1995
McIsaac, Marina StockComputer-mediated communication, an empowering tool for developing countries?1993
McNamara, S.E.Generating creativity in instructional design for computer- based open learning environments: A brief-monitor-debrief approach1995
Megarry, JacquettaParadoxes in Hypermedia1995
Megarry, J[acqetta]Microcomputers ans Scottish Education1981
Merritt, Susan M.Telecommunications Software for Education1991
Merup, ArneThe Computer in the Administration of a Correspondence School1968
Milheim, William D.Present and Future Uses of Computers in Distance Education1988
Miller, Allen Horace [Hrsg.]Bringing computers into college and university teaching1981
Minass, ErikDimensionen des E-learning2002
Moericke, DangerThe Use of Computer Technology in Distance Learning Systems1992
Moeschlin, O.Computer based Training1992
Moonen, JefDevelopment of Computer-Based Learning Materials1986
Moore, George A. B.The Application of a Computer-Based Instructional System for Distance Education1988

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