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Moore, George A. B.The Introduction of Asynchronous Electronic Communication for Distance Education in Developing Countries1988
Möllers, PaulComputergestützte Lehre zum betrieblichen Rechnungswesen - Ein integriertes Modell -. Teil 1: Finanzbuchhaltung1981
Mulholland, Martin P.Overcoming Problems of Geographical Isolation Through School Cooperatives and Computer Networking1995
Mulholland, Martin P.Argyll Online: overcoming problems of geographical isolation through school cooperatives and computer networking1996
Munro, HerbMeeting the Needs of Rural Learners Using Audio Teleconferencing and Computer Graphic Technology1988
Murphy, K. et al.Computer-mediated communications in a collaborative learning environment: The Globaled `93 Project1995
Muzio, J.A.Distance-taught computer education for managers and professionals at the University of Victoria1992
Muzio, JeanetteA Comparison of Mainframe and Personal Computer-based Bulletin Board Systems for Computer-mediated Communications in Distance Education Courses1992
Muzio, JeanetteUniversity of Victoria1993
Muzio, Jeanette A.A comparision of mainframe and personal computer-based bulletin board systems for computer-mediated communications in distance education courses1993
Müller, HeinzComputer-auswertbare Aufgaben zum Kurs "Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler"1978
N.N.Schnell und komfortabel1986
Naidu, S.Enhancing instructional effectiveness with computer-mediated communication1995
Naidu, SomComputer Conferencing in Distance Education1989
Naidu, SomComputer Conferencing in Distance Education1989
Naidu, SomComputer Conferencing and Distance Education towards global Access in higher Education1990
Nastansky, LudwigHSGnet Service Funktionen1990
New - Tronic (Hrsg.)AURA-LANG
Nicholls II, W.The status of computer-assisted telephone interviewing: Part I - Introduction and impact on cost and timeless of survey data1987
Nicholson, AilsaTwo reports on the computer literacy workshop held at the University of Durham 12/13 December 19901991

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