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Moeschlin, O.Computer based Training1992
Dirckinck-Holmfeld, LoneHow computer conferences affect learning1992
Dixon, TimDesign principles for microcomputer-based learning software1992
Seaton, William J.The Impact of Computer-Mediated Communication Courses on Student Self-Directed Learning1992
Donath, ReinhardDas AT&T Learning Network1992
Jones, AnnPersonal Computers for Distance Education1992
Jones, AnnProviding Computing for Distance Learners1992
Julian, JohnInternational Linkages via Computer Networks1992
Anderson, TerryInternational Computer Communications to Support Distance Education Information Dissemination and Networking1992
Jung, InsungIntroducing Computer-designed Materials in the Production of TV Programs at the Korea Air and Correspondence University1992
Egan, KieranThe Merits of Integrating Computer mediated Communication in University Level Study1992
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning1992
Muzio, J.A.Distance-taught computer education for managers and professionals at the University of Victoria1992
Muzio, JeanetteA Comparison of Mainframe and Personal Computer-based Bulletin Board Systems for Computer-mediated Communications in Distance Education Courses1992
Ellermann, H[enk] H.An experimental network-mediated study support system1992
Sookpreedee, NiponeComputers in Distance Training Packages in Thailand1992
Stock McIsaak, MarinaComputer-mediated Communication, an Empowering Tool for Developing Countries?1992
Olsen, BengtFernunterricht der 3. Generation1992
Open learning and distance education with computer support1992
Kittler, FriedrichComputeranalphabetismus1992

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