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Shaw, S.Only connect1993
Burge, Elizabeth JStudents' perceptions of learning in computer conferencing1993
Sime, Julie-AnnA specification methodology for intelligent training systems1993
Cox, Margaret J.Technology enriched school project1993
Hughes, JohnUse of Computers Graphics for Enhancing Microelectronics Courses in Satellite Video Programs1993
Pincas, AnitaThe Role of Computer Conferencing in Distance Education1993
Davies, D.The Multimedia Teleschool - linking European initiatives1993
Muzio, JeanetteUniversity of Victoria1993
James, VeronicaNotebook computers as note-takers for handicapped students1993
Jaspers, J. G. M.Productive language use with IT`S ENGLISH1993
Anderson, TerryInternational Computer Conferencing for professional development:1993
Jung, I[nsung]Computer-Mediated Communication in Korean Distance Education1993
Tambovtsev, Yuri A.The Use of Computers in Slavonic Studies1993
Walsh, ChristopherCIT for IT in DE1993
Nwana, Hyacinth S.An approach to developing intelligent tutors in mathematics1993
Winsor, JoanTeachers Online: Communicating by Computer1993
Gunawardena, Charlotte N.Inter-university collaborations1993
McIsaac, Marina StockComputer-mediated communication, an empowering tool for developing countries?1993
Muzio, Jeanette A.A comparision of mainframe and personal computer-based bulletin board systems for computer-mediated communications in distance education courses1993
Hudson, LarryAudio- and computer-conferencing1993

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