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Distance Education In Ontario1993
Dobson, M.Towards a consolidated model for a collaborative courseware authoring system1993
Atkinson, RogerPersonal Computers for Distance Education: The Study of An Educational Innovation1993
Thomas, N.The electronic village1993
Wetterling, JoachimThe use of computer-based simulation packages in open and flexible learning1993
Tolsma, RobertTechnology for Collaboration: Matching User Preferences and Computer Conferencing Software Options1993
Downes, T.Student-teachers` experiences in using computers during teaching practice1993
Duchâteau, C.CAL: Computer ensured learning? Computer-assisted lecturer (teacher)? Computer-assisted learner?1993
Tuckey, CatherineComputer Conference and the Electronic White Board in the United Kingdom:1993
Barnes, AlanQuality and Computers in Teaching and Learning1993
Studienbroschüre Computerlinguistik1993
Villiers, Carina deThe use of multimedia to teach computer science at a distance teaching university1993
Kirkman, C.Computer experience and attitudes of 12-year-old students1993
Bates, Anthony W.Applications of New Technologies (including Computers) in Distance Education1993
Van den Brande, L[ieve]R&D on learning telematics in the European Community1993
Veen, WimHow teachers use computers in instructional practice1993
Baumgartner, Peter"Institut für Lernen mit interaktiven Medien"1993
Becker, Henry JayDecision making about computer acquisition and use in american schools1993
Beishuisen, J. J.Technology-enriched schools1993
Pelgrum, Willem J.The worldwide use of computers1993

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