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Evans, Terry [Denis]Computer Mediated Communication for Postgraduate Research1993
Watson, Deryn M.Classroom processes and geography simulations1993
Kremers, MarshallCreating a Virtual Campus: A Computer Conferencing Approach to Distance Education at NYIT1993
Wells, RosalieComputer-mediated communication for distance education1993
Poon, SimpsonInternet Relay Chat (IRC)1993
Biraimah, KarenThe non-neutrality of educational computer software1993
Laaser, WolframDesign, production and evaluation of computer-based courseware in distance education1993
Lai, Kwok-WingMinimal computer technologies and learner-centred environments1993
Wood, JeanFacilitating Computer-Mediated Collaborative Learning ... Collaboratively1993
Blissett, GillianAre they thinking? Are they learning? A study of the use of interactive video1993
Fox, J.EC research in language learning and IT - some experiences with LINGUA1993
Wood, JeanThe Professional Development of Teachers as Facilitators of Computer Mediated Collaborative Learning1993
Wu, ChuansongA microcomputer-controlled welder training system1993
Fritsch, HelmutLernen mit dem Computer1993
Lehman, James D.Seventy Cups of Coffee, Office Politics, And Computers Or How a Computer Education Course Was Created1993
Reinen, Ingeborg JanssenSome gender issues in educational computer use1993
Gardner, J.The impact of high access to computers on learning1993
Garten, Edward D.Computer Conferencing, Technology and Online Education: New Challenges for Assessment and Evaluation1993
Levinson, PaulBook Review: "Global Computers and International Communication"1993
Brummelhuis, Alfons tenLessons from dutch projects for the introduction of computers in schools1993

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