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Murphy, K. et al.Computer-mediated communications in a collaborative learning environment: The Globaled `93 Project1995
Naidu, S.Enhancing instructional effectiveness with computer-mediated communication1995
Jegede, O.J.Network seminar: Using computer conferencing for distance education staff development in instructional design1995
Stacey, ElizabethCrossing Virtual Frontiers1995
Dobson, RogerThe Case for Flexible Learning1995
Strang, WilmaHypertext Across the Disciplines1995
Duignan, KieranA cycle of development of a computer program used by distance education students1995
O`Hagan, ChrisVideo autoEditing System for Open Learning (VESOL)1995
Eastmond, Dan[iel] [V.]Instructional Design For The Online Classroom1995
Tagg, Allan C.Tutor Messaging and Its Effectiveness in Encouraging Student Participation on Computer Conferences1995
Khan, HassanCampus-Wide Collaboration in the Delivery of Distributed Learning Technology1995
Ellsworth, Jill H.Online Resources for Distance Education1995
Tergan, Sigmar-OlafEvaluation of Software for Computer-Based Learning1995
Kjollerstrom, B.Computer aided learning can enhance the quality of undergraduate education: Swedish experiences1995
Baldwin, George D.Designing Computer-Mediated-Communication Into the Classroom: The Virtual Social Science Laboratory Project1995
Epstein, RuthAlone but Together1995
Barnes, Richard W.Developing an Alternative Mode of Delivery for the B.A. Hospitality Management at the Robert Gordon University1995
Bateman, DavidHypertext in the Classroom1995
Parkes, Alan P.Theoretical Aspects of Representation in Hypermedia Learning Environments1995
Paulsen, Morten FlateModerating Educational Computer Conferences1995

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