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Paulsen, Morten FlateAn Overview of CMC and the Online Classroom in Distance Education1995
Benko, A.Tutoring support through a computerised media in distance education1995
Lackner, J.Verkäuferschulung und Kundenberatung mit CBT und Computersimulation1995
Berge, Zane L.Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom in Distance Learning1995
Lapointe, DebGlobaled 1993: An Inter-University Computer-Mediated Conference (CMC) and Its Implications for CMC1995
Pincas, A.Assuring quality in higher education by computer conferencing1995
Pincas, AnitaTwo Brief Case Studies of Higher Education Courses by Computer Conferencing1995
Lauener, AngelaTen Tips for Using Technology in Distance Learning1995
Lee, V.S.K.The student guide approach to computer-aided learning design: A witness of formal methods and object-oriented approach in action1995
Watabe, KazuoAn Internet based Collaborative Distance Learning System: CODILESS1995
Webster, L.L.Evaluating the multidimensions of multimedia computer-based instruction in distance education1995
Lewis, JustusDistance Education for the 21st Century1995
Whiteley, KeithA Toolset for Open Learning Development and Delivery1995
Buder, JürgenReport on the Workshop on Cognition and Computer Conferencing at the DIFF Tübingen, 11-13 October, 19951995
Williams, MichelleCommunities of Practice1995
Loss-Cutler, KenComputer-Mediated Communication and Homeschooling1995
MacDonald, S.The Development of an Interactive Multimedia Application to Support Open Learning Engineering Students1995
Cabanatan, P.Computer conferencing in SEAMO INNOTECH`S training programs1995
World Conference on Computers in Education VI1995
McAuley, AlexanderOut On the Virtual Frontier1995

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