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Ihre Suche: "ICDE"
Anzahl der gefundenen Treffer: 629
Hossaini, M. H.Studies on the managerial Issues in a Distance Education University1995
Hosseini, Mehdi AlaiDistance education and educational Satellites1992
Hovstad, UnnieSans Passeport1990
Hudson, Larry R.Audio versus Computer Conferencing1992
Hull, CathyOpen Learning and Professional Development1995
Icaza, J.I.Internet-enhanced education: The web as a mirror of student learning1997
Idrus, Rozhan Hj. MohammedTechnological Innovation Towards Adult Self-Directed Learning in the Off-Campus Academic Programme at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia1992
Ikonen, OivaA Distance Education Project for the mentally Retarded and their Care-Givers1992
Inglis, A.The content analysis of subject matter1985
Inglis, AlistairTwo Viewing Point, one Viewer1992
Inglis, PaulDistance Teaching is Dead! Long Live Distance Teaching! Autonomy in Distance Teaching1987
International Council for Distance Education (ICDEICDE Profile
Ip, Po-KeungEthics, Development and Open Education1992
Jackling, NoelProblem Solving Activities in Distance Education Study Guides1992
Jarvis, PeterModels of Distance Education1986
Jayagopal, R.Comparative Study of Learners of Distance Education and Formal Education (Regular College) System in Madras University Area (India)1990
Jayagopal, RajaHuman Ressources Development through Multi-Media Forums with Specific Reference to Radio Forums1992
Jegede, Olugbemiro [J.]A Distance Education Research Agenda1992
Jenkins, JanetCan we help you?1983
Jenkins, JanetStaff Training: Practice and Policy1983

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