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Joseph, Andrew H.ULSA (Argentina) Celebrates its Golden Anniversary1983
Joseph, Andrew H.Report on the Joint Activities in Argentina of the AAED and the ICDE1985
Joseph, Andrés HamiltonProject of Organization of the XIV World Conference of the International Council for Distance Education (ICDE), to take Place in Argentina in 19881985
Joughin, GordonDistance Learners` Approaches to Studying1992
Julian, JohnEducational Values Confront Production Values1992
Julian, JohnInternational Linkages via Computer Networks1992
Jung, InsungIntroducing Computer-designed Materials in the Production of TV Programs at the Korea Air and Correspondence University1992
Juste, Ramon PerezUsing Videotext for Formative Evaluation at UNED (Spain)1992
Kaeley, Gurchan S.What Lessons Can Papua New Guinea Learn from the Experience of Third World Countries to Train and Upgrade Teachers Through Distance Teaching in the 191990
Kaeley, Gurchan S.Taking Education to the People1991
Kaeley, Gurcharn S.The Impact of Distance Education in Papua New Guinea1987
Kaeley, Gurcharn S.Distance Versus Face-to-Face Learning1988
Kaeley, Gurcharn S.Instructional Variables and Mathematics Achievement in Face-to-Face and Distance Teaching Modes1989
Kanjanakul KanongyuthSTOU´s Experience in Public Health Education at a Distance1992
Karpiak, R.Language teaching through distance education at Canadian universities: Status and trends1985
Kastis, NikitasThe Management of Education in the "Information Society" 1995
Kasworm, CarolThe Development of Adult Learner Autonomie and Self-Directedness in Distance Education1992
Keegan, Desmond J.Research and Development in Distance Education1983
Keegan, Desmond J.Report on the Activities of the I.C.D.E. Research Committee1984
Keegan, Desmond J.Thirteenth World Conference1984

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