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Ihre Suche: "ICDE"
Anzahl der gefundenen Treffer: 629
Andresen, Lee W.Practice-Based Postgraduate Study in Teaching and Learning for University Academics1992
Andrews, JanDistance Education: A Flexible Option to Meet the Needs of Continuing Professional Education1992
Anwyl, JohnAttitudes of Australian university and college academics to some access and equity issues, including distance education1985
Arav, RuthDesigning of Interdisciplinary Courses in Life and Natural Sciences in the Open University of Israel1988
Arger, GeoffThe Use of Interactive Video using compressed Data. Techniques in Australian Distance Education1990
Arger, GeoffVIPOU, Vietnamese People`s Open University1990
Arnold, Sharon DarmofallDistance Education1988
Aronen, MaritaElectrical English in Video-Conference and Audiographic Environment1995
Arora, AshaDevelopment of Distance Education Materials1992
Arthenayake, N. R.Imparting practical Skills to Technician Students1992
Arun, RenuComparison of BEd Students in Full-time and Distance Modes1992
Askarian, HosseinThe Prospect for Engineering Courses by Distance Education at Payame Noor University Iran1992
Askeland, Curid AgaStudent Needs and Support Systems in Distance Social Work Education1992
Auvinen, Ari-MattiHow to be Successful in Cross-National Course Production1992
Aviram, A.School as a Communication Center, or: Distance Laerning as the Foundation of Education for Autonomy1995
Aviv, ReuvenRemote Interaction Management in CMC based Distance Learning1992
Awadh, Anne-LiseAction Plan for In-Service Courses in Vocational Training1995
Azevedo, Ricardo Chatres d`The Importance of European Cooperation in Distance Education1990
Back, DavidTransferring Courses between Accounting Programs1992
Bahack, HanaPersistence-Patterns in Distance Education Courses1992

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