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Report of the Proceedings of the Workshop in Distance Learning1978
TeleCon XIV1994
Abdul Aziz, A.The innovative role and effectiveness of videoconferencing in promoting global distance education: A Malaysian experience1996
Adiseshiah, Malcolm S.Overview: Indian Education1979
Agrawal, B.C.Transnational "University in the sky" for professional and technical education: A private initiative1996
Alai-Hosseini, M.Innovation vs tradition in distance education1996
Alimohammadi, M.Features of an ESP Self-Study Textbook1996
Allen, D.W.Discussion1972
Allen, RobertInternational Accreditation or a Federation of Regional and National Accrediting Agencies1969
Askarian Abyaneh, H.Applied computer engineering courses at PNU1996
Ataei, A.Course production at PNU1996
Azevedo, Ricardo Chatres d`The Importance of European Cooperation in Distance Education1990
Baggaley, JonProceedings of the Third International Conference on Experimental Research in Televised Instruction1980
Bajaj, K.K.Quality assurance in student support services for interactive communication1996
Barolin, G.S.Die medizinische Lehre - ein österreichisches Notstandsgebiet!1996
Bassak, H.Innovation in education - an unavoidable necessity1996
Bates, Tony (Hrsg.)Evaluating educational television and radio1977
Beishuizen, Jos [Hrsg.]Self-regulated learning in technology enhanced learning environments2007
Bittner, Walton S[imon]A General View on Maintaining Standards in University Correspondence Teaching1932
Botz, A.CBT, CUL, CAI...Bildungs-und Informationstechnologie im Zeit- alter der Vernetzung und der multimedialen Aufbereitung (Kongreßbericht)1996

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