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Carefoot, JamesThe birth of a Western Canadian Committee on University Distance Education
Tait, A.International workshop in counselling in distance education, september 20th-22nd 1983, Downing College, Cambridge, UK
International Council on Correspondence EducationProceedings
Erdos, R. (ed.)Proceedings of the Eight`s International Conference of the International Council on Correspondence Education, Paris 19-23 May, 1969
Chase, Wayland J.Teaching by Mail1916
Williams, HelenCorrespondence Study Handicaps1928
Proceedings of the National University Extension Association at Austin, Texas May 13, 14, 15, 19291929
Tyson, LeveringColumbia`s Ten Years Experience in Home Study1930
Proceedings of the National University Extension Association at New York City, May 7, 8, 9, 19301930
Turman, Della G.The Committee Method of Supervision of Courses and Methods of Instruction1932
Bittner, Walton S[imon]A General View on Maintaining Standards in University Correspondence Teaching1932
Lighty, William H.Correspondence Study in Wisconsin1932
Noffsinger, J[ohn] S[amuel]Quality in Correspondence Study from the Standpoint of the Commercial School1932
Richards, E. A.About Supervisory Work in Home Study at Columbia1932
Broady, Knute O.The Nebraska Plan of Enriching the Curriculums of Small High Schools1933
Fowler, Russell W.Teaching Technical Subjects by Correspondence1933
McCanse|Ralph AlanThe Teaching of Literature by Correspondence1933
Shelby, T. H.Extension Teaching in Colleges and Universities of Texas1933
Griffith, P. H.Organization for Promotion in Correspondence Study1938

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