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Platt, Earl T.Looking forward with Supervised Correspondence Study1938
Cavanaugh, R. E.Group Correspondence Study1939
Southwell, LeeProblems of Home Study Administration1939
Platt, Earl T.Ten Years of Supervised Correspondence Study1940
Stevenson, Fred G.Correspondence Instruction at the Junior College Level1940
Straka, J. H.Supervised Correspondence Study as a Teaching Technique1940
Thordarson, T. W.Supervised Correspondence Study in the Rural Schools1940
Powell, ElizabethA Comparison of Correspondence and Resident and Extension Students in College Courses1950
Tandy, LucyA Study of the Extent to which NUEA Members use Graduate Level Correspondence Courses1950
Carleton, HelenReport of the Chairman1958
Grogan, Paul J.Correspondence Study as a Vital Educational Force in a Day of Need for Technical Training1959
Childs, G[ayle] B[ernard]Report of the Division of Correspondence Study1964
Childs, Gayle BernardReport of the Division of Correspondence Study1965
Proceedings of the 8. international conference of the International Council on Correspondence Education1969
Kabwasa, AntoineThe Training of Manpower by Correspondence Education in African Countries1969
Kantenik, S.The Role of Training by Correspondence in the System of Education in the USSR1969
MacKenzie, OssianThe Status of Correspondence Instruction in the USA1969
Peters, OttoNew Perspectives in Correspondence Study in Europe1969
Petrouchine, S.Correspondence Education in UNESCO Activities1969
Sheath, H[oward] C.External Studies at the University Level1969

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