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Sloos, R[obert]Ethics in Publicity by Institutes for Education by Correspondence1969
Sorensen, K.Electronic Data Processing in the Administration of Correspondence Education1969
Allen, RobertInternational Accreditation or a Federation of Regional and National Accrediting Agencies1969
Takatsuka, SatoruAdult Correspondence Education in Japan and the Role of Broadcasting1969
Trewman, H. F.The Place of Correspondence Courses in Technical Education and Training1969
Weissbrot, E[leasar]Specific Aspects of Supervised Correspondence Study with School Children1969
Childs, Gayle B[ernard]Reports from Chairmen of Standing Committees1969
Defaucheux, Y.Le Centre National de Télé-Enseignement (par Correspondance-Radio-Télévision)1969
Edström, L[ars]-O[lof]Correspondence Education and Aid to Developing Countries1969
Erdos, RenéeClosing Business Session1969
Helgesen, HjalmarStatutory Provision Relating to Norwegian Education by Correspondence1969
Holmberg, BörjeEducational Technology and Correspondence Education1969
Allen, D.W.Discussion1972
Watson, G.Enriching education through schools without walls1972
Hoyt, K.B.Broadening education through vocational and technical training1972
Merwin, J.C.Discussion1972
Messick, S.Research methodology for educational change1972
Ghatala, Habeeb [M.]The Implications of Three Research Studies on the Improvement and Spread of Correspondence Education1974
Ghatala, Habeeb [M.]Role of Technology in Correspondence Education1974
Ghatala, HabeebDevelopment Trends by Geogrphical Areas1974

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