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Wedemeyer, C.A. et al.Current issues and approaches in distance education1974
Wedemeyer, Charles A[drian]Current Issues and Approaches in Distance Education1974
Wedemeyer, Charles A[drian]Educational Policy Development and Innovation at the National Level1974
Wedemeyer, Charles A[drian]First Business Meeting1974
Wedemeyer, Charles A[drian]Second Business Meeting1974
Current issues and approaches in distance education1974
Granholm, G.W.(ed.)The system of distance education - Vol.21975
Saxe, ArnoHow to Make Good Students - and how to Make Students Good1976
Kinyanjui, Peter E.A Follow-Up Study of Unqualified Teachers who were Upgraded through Correspondence in Kenya 1969-721976
Koretsune, TadashiMinutes of the Second Business Meeting, 16 May 19751976
Annual Meeting 1976 Amsterdam / Leyden1976
Ljoså, ErlingModes of Teaching in Distance Education1976
Ljoså, ErlingStudent Service, Student Activity and Two-Way Communication1976
Ghatala, Habeeb M.Distance Education without the Use of Correspondence Education1976
MacKenzie, OssianThe Carnegie Education Series Report on Correspondence Instruction in the U.S.1976
Mills, H. L.Pandora´s Box1976
Möhle, HorstNew Concepts of Distance Education on University Level in the German Demokratic Republic1976
Harrington, Fred HarveyKnute O. Broady Memorial Address1976
Young, DavidMinutes of the First Business Meeting, 12 May 19751976
Holmberg, BörjeDistance Education and the Open Learning Trend1976

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