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Möhle, HorstNew Concepts of Distance Education on University Level in the German Demokratic Republic1976
Harrington, Fred HarveyKnute O. Broady Memorial Address1976
Young, DavidMinutes of the First Business Meeting, 12 May 19751976
Holmberg, BörjeDistance Education and the Open Learning Trend1976
Cunningham, Donald M.A Statistical Method for Student Evaluation in Distance Education1976
Holmberg, BörjeThe System of Distance Education1976
Pandey, K. P.Correspondence Education in the Indian Context1976
Perraton, HilaryTwo-Way Communication within a Distance Teaching System1976
Perry, WalterLessons for Distance Education Derived form the Experience of the Open University1976
Idle, George A.Creating a Learning Environment for the External Student1976
Potvin, Douglas J.An Analysis of the Andragogical Approach to the Didactics of Distance Education1976
Rebel, KarlheinzThe Selection of Methods and Media in Distance Study Units1976
Bates, Tony (Hrsg.)Evaluating educational television and radio1977
Intelligibility and typography of educational texts1978
The student tutor relationship in correspondence education1978
Daka, P. J. [Hrsg.]Regional Workshop on Correspondence Education1978
Report of the Proceedings of the Workshop in Distance Learning1978
Scriven, Bruce R.Come Fly with Me1979
Evaluation of new correspondence course proposals1979
Sims, Ripley S.New Trends in Correspondence Education1979

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