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Burge, Elizabeth J. [Hrsg.]1984
Powell, ElizabethA Comparison of Correspondence and Resident and Extension Students in College Courses1950
Roy, J.A critical review of independent learning as a measure of success in distance esducation: Some considerations1996
Kinyanjui, Peter E.A Follow-Up Study of Unqualified Teachers who were Upgraded through Correspondence in Kenya 1969-721976
Bittner, Walton S[imon]A General View on Maintaining Standards in University Correspondence Teaching1932
Cunningham, Donald M.A Statistical Method for Student Evaluation in Distance Education1976
Tandy, LucyA Study of the Extent to which NUEA Members use Graduate Level Correspondence Courses1950
Shon, J.G.A VOD System for the KNOU Distance Learning Strategy1996
Richards, E. A.About Supervisory Work in Home Study at Columbia1932
Takatsuka, SatoruAdult Correspondence Education in Japan and the Role of Broadcasting1969
Advertising in correspondence education1980
Potvin, Douglas J.An Analysis of the Andragogical Approach to the Didactics of Distance Education1976
Annual Meeting 1976 Amsterdam / Leyden1976
Askarian Abyaneh, H.Applied computer engineering courses at PNU1996
Crump, PeterAspesa Forum ´81 Proceedings1981
Islam, T.Audio-vision: A potential medium for the development of distance and open learning course materials1996
Newsam, PeterBetter schools. Evaluation & appraisal conference. Birmingham, 14-15 November 19851986
Hoyt, K.B.Broadening education through vocational and technical training1972
Botz, A.CBT, CUL, CAI...Bildungs-und Informationstechnologie im Zeit- alter der Vernetzung und der multimedialen Aufbereitung (Kongreßbericht)1996
CEC-Workshop "Marketing of Correspondence Courses"1983

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