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Ihre Suche: "ICDE"
Anzahl der gefundenen Treffer: 629
Bhardwaj, RenuDistance Education: an Unorthodox Environment of Thinking and Acting1992
Bhatnagar, S.Report of Seminar: "Communication Technology as Applied to Education. Panjab University"1987
Bhisalbutra, LaddaSTOU´s Experience in Cooperatives Education at a Distance1992
Bittar, Ramona AklA Look at research in Ibero-American Distance education Universities1992
Blom, DagnyNorwegian Distance Educators discuss the use of Media1984
Blom, DagnyNew Concepts in Higher Education 4th International Conference1985
Blom, DagnyCultural and social Aspekts of new Technologies in Education1995
Blom, DagnyThe Open Secondary1995
Blowers, AndrewThe Open University of the UK - ideals under challenge1989
Boondao, SakornThe Effect of Student`s Backgrounds, their Cognitive Styles and the Use of Assignments on mathematical Achievments in a Distance Education Program1992
Bottomley, JohnGovernment Policy towards Distance Education and Open Learning in Australia and Canada1992
Boughton, George J.An experimental Distance Education Model1990
Boughton, George J.Telecommunications and Distance Education in Micronesia1992
Bowden, David K.Television-Assisted Instruction in Distance Education1989
Bowser, DonStudents` Attitudes to and Preferences for the Use of Electronic Technologies in the Delivery of Courseware1992
Boyle, RonThe Language Problems of Graduate Students in an English-medium Institution1992
Brabbelmann, PaulaRepunzialepibration1995
Braben, DonDrawing by Telephone1992
Bradley, JoThe International Extension College`s Information Service1983
Brahmawong, ChaiyongDevelopment of Multi-Based Distance Learning Packages1992

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